Shane Gorringe

Shane's Bio

Anative of Surrey, England, pastry chef Shane Gorringe ("rhymes with orange," he says) apprenticed at Sweet Vienna Patisserie, a renowned Austrian pastry shop south of London.

Thereafter, he was assistant pastry chef at luxury hotels in England, Germany, Holland, Venezuela and the Middle East. Coming to New Orleans, he took over as pastry chef of the frequently honored Windsor Court Hotel.

Gorringe has been about the business of making pastries since he was 16 years old. "After 20 years in this field, you learn that when you come to a new city, you don't assume that just because the desserts you did at the previous location worked there they're going to work here." Because the Windsor Court in New Orleans catered to an international clientele, his desserts shied away from strictly regional favorites like bread pudding, but he quickly found New Orleanians, no matter how sophisticated, still have affinities for chocolate, desserts with apples, sorbets, exotic fruits and creme brulée. Having established himself in New Orleans, Gorringe followed his heart's desire and opened Zoe's on the rapidly developing north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, across from the city. The bakery, named for his daughter, gives him free rein to develop his talents. His advice to the nonprofessional cook is not to be put off by the presentation of elaborate desserts. Simplifying the garnishes does not change the essential flavor of the dish, but does sometimes make it more accessible to at-home cooks.

Shane Gorringe made "Coffee Cup Sabayon", "Strawberry Apple Cheese Strudel" and "Chocolate Demerara" on Great Chefs of the South